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Home > News archive of july 2010 - ICE HOCKEY BETTING - BEST ODDS
Annie Duke, an excellent poker player!
American online poker player, Annie Duke is the sister of Howard Lederer famous poker player as well. She started to play Poker when she was a kid with his brother and his father. Through this experience, she wrote her first book entitled “A girlhood among gamblers”. After that, she decided to study at Columbus in the Montana but after 5 years of University and 1 month before the exams, Annie decided to quit the University and become a professional poker player.

But if Annie is so popular is through her experience as a coach. Indeed, in 2004, Annie Duck became the personal Poker coach of Ben Affleck. Today Annie Duck is the second best player in the word with a total of $3,600,000 of rewards. She also thinks that Poker is the only sport where women can play against men without physical disadvantage so this is why she doesn’t like playing women tournament!
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