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Home > 2014 The finals: Miami fell to San Antonio
2014 The finals: Miami fell to San Antonio
Wednesday in Miami, Spurs crushed Miami Heat in Game 3 of the 2014 NBA finals (112-92). The first quarter of this Spurs Vs Heat game, the most seen event on online sports betting sites, was just exceptional. Gregg Popovitch’s guidelines prior and during time-out were fully preached by Parker and his teammates. Danny Green shows his contentment by stating that this is quite a different night...where everything is done to be crowned with success, like a magic fact. highly motivated and determined, Spurs dominated the whole game since the beginning of the play.

They really fought hard till the final buzzer. It seemed as if the Texans had won the Game 7 with an amazing score. Talented and super experienced San Antonio actually put Heat under tough pressure. Though everything was not rosy, the team has given the best from its players to the entire pleasure of fans who wagered on Spurs via online betting prediction sites.

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Thuesday, 24 June 2014
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