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Home > World Cup 2014: Argentina beats Iran narrowly
World Cup 2014: Argentina beats Iran narrowly
The performance of the Iranian team had frightened purists and bettors in online betting sites on its second match, during this World Cup 2014 against the team of Argentina in Belo Horizonte. Indeed, the Iranian team held in a draw Argentina during the regular time. While the game seemed to be conclude on a goalless, Lionel Messi wakes up all the stage of Mineirao with a shot during the additional time. Iran has even failed to open the scoring a few minutes rather on the action of Reza Ghoochanneijhad but it is ultimately Argentina which has played his last card. Messi crucify Iran at the 91st minute and offers to his team the key for reaching the eighth final, in the delight of fans of bets online who had bet in the favor of Argentina.

During this match, Argentina seems to have been pushed into a corner with a Ghoochanneijhad who almost scored several times and Alireza Haghighi who was simply royal in the Iranian cages. Iran merit better judging by the quality of its game, but Messi has decided otherwise! There was also this hanging in the surface on Ghoochanneijhad (70th) that would probably deserved a penalty but the referee had decided differently.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014
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